Thursday, 16 August 2007

AGLOCO UPDATE 16th August 2007

Another update from the AGLOCO Compaany Blog. Apparently things are rolling a bit now & the communication regarding the server switches has been greatly improved. Thanks AGLOCO & keeps us all posted with any new developments!...

"Thursday update (16th August)– The site was up and down a bit the last 12 hours. This was not the move (two of the servers still not balancing). The tech team is still pushing for the move during the next 24 hours. This means you should see that the AGLOCO site is down. The time the site is down will depend on where in the world you are accessing the internet from.
As mentioned previously, other projects such as hours, email and page updates will occur after the server moves.

Thank you"

Second Update for 16th August:

"Thursday/Friday update
Site is currently being moved (page noting this is now on the page). When it is completed we will give an update on that and then continued progress.

- Thanks"


Agloco Girls said...

Would you like to exchange links?

We've already added yours.

Thank you.

Agloco Girls


Dragons Den Freak said...

Hi - Yes I will put it on my blog now thanks for your interest!

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