Wednesday, 24 October 2007

AGLOCO.COM - My Referrals as of 24th Oct 2007

My referalls have been very erratic recently - Last month I had 1 sign up! This month I have had over 50?.. I can't fathom why this is exactly, but I could do with more of my sign-ups to download the viewbar as this is the key to Agloco's success & as you can see from my referall stats only approx 1-2 people have used the viewbar for over 5 hours (or 10 people using it only very briefly etc. etc.)


Anonymous said...

you seem to be a user... what's your nick,i'm pencid,nice to meet you.

reply me on my blog or by mail

now i add your blog to mine if you want to do the same...

see you soon..

Anonymous said...

we had already done a link exchange,sorry :).. anyway,if you want we can meet in ..i'm pencid.

bye again

Dragons Den Freak said...

Hi Pencid - Sorry for the late reply yes I am a Ciao user also my id is edsthreads, see you in there sometime!

Miss jane said...


Unknown said...

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