Tuesday, 16 October 2007


All AGLOCO members should have opened their inbox this morning & seen a email from Danny Jorgensen the member coordinator. This was really uplifting & it's good to see that the
AGLOCO model is actually paying off. It also indicates what we should expect in terms of monthly payments just on the basis of 4-5 searched ads a day & just one click from those searches....This is what it read.


Our first data points are in with our
AGLOCO/Ask search system. Average net revenue for AGLOCO per click is already over US$0.20 – the average Member click through rate on ads on the Ask search page - 20% to 25% of the time the ad is clicked on (one ad click for every 4 to 5 searches).

If every AGLOCO Member did 4 to 5 Ask searches a day and they clicked on average just one ad, the revenue generated for the AGLOCO community would be US$6.00 per month per Member. This would be a great start to building revenue for Member distributions.

AGLOCO’s challenge is to get every Member to have the Viewbar open all the time and to use the Ask search box to make their searches.
If you haven’t used the Viewbar to do an Ask search. We implore you to do it now. Member feedback on the Ask search results has been extremely favorable (most Members reporting they rate Ask results as good as Google’s or better.)

If you have had problems with getting a download of the new Viewbar, we added CNET’s Download.com Click here to go to their site to have fast download:


The Company Blog
www.blog.agloco.com has updates on many issues like Member Distributions and company finances.
Also, there is a discussion of the idea of making your
AGLOCO hours salable now. Visit the blog and you can comment on this.

Danny Jorgensen Member Coordinator"

This is really great news for AGLOCO members & non members who were in limbo wondering if it was a good move to join AGLOCO. I think the last two posts on my blog speak volumes...


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Anonymous said...

The deal with Ask.com is great, as long as they don't mess it up.

Dragons Den Freak said...

Yes good deal, I just hope they can get a few more big boys to sign a deal with Agloco

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