Saturday, 4 August 2007

AGLOCO UPDATE 4th August 2007

Just thought I'd bring you the latest entry from the Official Agloco Blog (the 1st since July 18th!)


"We are near completion with one of two improved revenue agreements. These should be implemented in August. They should greatly enhance September’s revenue in search and North American ad revenue. We are also in negotiations with one European network, to improve revenue there. We are in need of better networks in China, Brazil, India, Korea and Japan. We also need a network in the Middle East. If any Member has any leads on those, please post your ideas in the comment section"

Tech Update:

"The tech team reported that the fix to the August hours will be occurring on Thursday the 9th. Until that time the display will not show correct August hours. The last three weeks have consumed our tech team with server improvements – this did not go as the team had anticipated with load balancing problems at the ISP. This should be resolved shortly and they can get back to the other pressing needs of AGLOCO. As we change to improved servers the AGLOCO website will be down for a period of time (the amount of time will depend on where in the world the Member is that is trying to reach the site). People will see a notice page saying we are doing maintenance. Projects like updating the website and emails to all Members will then be attended to"

Some members may have noticed that their surfed hours for August are still frozen on last months hours. Apparently if you read the tech update above this is to do with server updates/improvements. There is still no concrete evidence of when Agloco members are going to be actually paid. If anyone knows anything more regarding this please let me know! I'm sure were all starting to wonder when we are going to get paid as some of you have been referring for over a year now, I only started in April & already getting impatient, but hey, that's just me! I'm sure Agloco have many contracts with advertisers & search engines to tie up before they can start pay-outs to it's members. All good things come to those who wait they say. So let's just wait & see....

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